Vieros' textured ranges include a huge variety of decorative plasters for interior design and decoration. Within the textured range, Viero proposes seven different product families.

Lime Based Marmorini recalls classic decorative plasters but the range, produced with lime, adds to the aesthetic features also the guarantee of naturalness and the highest quality in the market of decoration and interior design. Natural products range has been studied paying special attention to quality in relation to our living environmentPolished plasters: Tradition and innovation blend in refined decorations and chromatic effects which give light and grace to walls and ambiances. Viero enhances, renews and improves the art of Stucco Veneziano. Bespoke products: Viero's range of Bespoke Decorative Plasters offers solutions for unique and intimate spaces which spin tales of style, passions and habits, and transfuse in contemporary settings the multifarious beauty of different materials. Thick effects: Quartz sands and marble grains, natural or coloured, reproduce soft, smooth and elegant effects to give your house a unique atmosphere. The wide selection of colours and the numerous possible combinations of the different shades of sands and grains, gives the chance to satisfy every personal need to characterize one’s own style. Glazes: Decorators and designers may reach unexpected results and amazing effects using a spatula, sea sponge, brush or cloth, by spray or dabbing. Viero multicolour systems for interiors provide the opportunity to create special effects both to tireless trendsetters and pure aesthetes. Paints range include a huge variety of solutions: Allure, a water based decorative finish with pearlescent reflections; Ghibli, a quartz paint with sand effect; Mycene, a water based decorative finish, based on special mineral extenders - metallic effect; Silk, a water based decorative finish with metallic silky effect; Vixalit, a lime based paint.

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