Type: Hospitality

Project name: Hotel Santa Clara 1728

Short description: Renovation of a building with different construction periods with the purpose to create an atmosphere that reflects the living experience of the contemporary city. Lisbon, Portugal

City: Lisbon

Nation: Portugal

Description & Design Concept:

The Santa Clara project envisioned the renovation of a building in Lisbon. A building with undefined history, with different construction periods and transformations, as it is common in historically rich areas. The goal was to construct a building that reflects the living experience of the city. A search, not done by the reproduction of traditional elements, but by a recombination of elements, materials, atmospheres and proportions, to bring back this idea of living. A plain architecture, that combines few elements, while striving for quality in the use of real materials. An idea of authenticity and, therefore, an idea of timelessness.  Hotel Santa Clara 1728 is a candidate project in the Viero 50 years contest.

Viero products: Hydro Protection, Marmorin Hydro

Principal Architects / Designers: Manuel Aires Mateus e Francisco Aires Mateus. Other collaborations: Maria Rebelo Pinto, Luz Jimenez, Sara Calem, Maria Bello

Photographer: Nelson Garrido / Juan Rodriguez / Francesco Martello

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