Italian Design with Viero

It is no secret that most Italians have an inherent eye for good design, and Italian love for home is second to none. By combining those two elements, you get the essence of Italian interior design.

The history of Italian interior design is long and complex: originally, interior designing was a hobby of the Italian nobility from the Roman times. With the centuries, the Roman villas with their ornate architectural details gave way to relatively simple structures, built for durability. But as is apparent in the distinguished Tuscan villas  and the luminous Mediterranean beach houses standing till this day and inspiring a million other homes, Italians did not sacrifice the beauty of a building for its long life.

Modern Italian interior design is different from the houses of the 18th and 19th centuries, but it has a few things in common with its historical counterpart: the love of open, well-lighted, airy spaces. Most Italian interior designers today, whether fans of classic designs or of edgy chic, design living spaces with lots of light and air in mind. Contemporary Italian interior designer’s main preoccupation is clever and aesthetic space utilization. Some urban homes in Italy tend to be small, and interior designers try their best to allocate space, doors, colors and windows to give as much a semblance of open space as possible. The tricks designers use to enhance space include the strategic placement of furniture, lighting and colors. 

But along with the challenges, Italian interior designers have a great asset: they can draw upon a sizeable pool of traditional artisans who can help customize a house to the specific beauty and functionality requirements of a homeowner and upon a company like Viero, consinuously investing in innovation and product development for offering a range of decorative finishes and plasters able to create unique and always different interiors.


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