Viero on-line tutor

Viero on-line tutor is a consultancy service for professional decorating applications in real time: expertise at the service of our international partners

Viero on-line tutor: who is this service for?

Viero on-line tutor is a consultancy service for professional decorating applications dedicated to all Viero partner distributors and their professional teams of Viero decorative products. Viero on-line tutor is born to supply assistance in real time from Italy on the application of Viero decorative products, anywhere in the world. Technology, Voice Over IP and the Skype platform make it possible to see and interact with the team of Viero providers, live! Through this service, you can request specific consultancy on the application of Viero products, such as:

  • How to create a decorative effect
  • Advice on the application cycle for interiors/exteriors
  • Smooth, uniform application with no marks
  • Use of tools on specific textures
  • Application of a protective finishing
  • Dilution and application of glazes
  • Recommended thicknesses

and much more.

The service speaks English and is completely free of charge!

Viero on-line tutor is designed to answer questions on specific topics. Every session lasts maximum 1 hour.
Should you wish to receive more in-depth details on the range of Viero decorative products, instead of requesting the on-line Tutor service, we recommend contacting the Viero Academy through the contact us form of the website and request a specific training course.

How can I request the Viero on-line Tutor service?

To request the service, just fill in the contact form, in all its parts. You are asked to enter only your data and you question so that we can assess how to best assist you and contact you.

How does the Viero on-line Tutor service work?

After we receive and assess your request, you will be contacted quickly for details. If it is an issue that can be resolved through the Viero on-line tutor service, we will agree on a precise date and time to connect on-line. If this cannot be done, we still have a solution for you! To use our service, you will need a PC with Skype installed, a Skype account, a good Internet connection and, if you want, a webcam. The latter is not indispensable but useful to improve communication between us. Once the connection is made, our application professionals will answer your questions relative to the specific issue, both through theoretical information as well as through live demonstrations.

What can I do if I discover that it is not possible to resolve the issue through Viero on-line tutor?

No problem! Our technicians can also assist you via phone or by visiting your premises as soon as this can be arranged. Together we will assess the most suitable solution for you!

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