Debut into the world of contemporary art: Viero per l’Arte is born

Viero debuts into the world of contemporary art with the experimental project Viero per L’Arte.

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Cromology brand specialized in decorative finishes – always a great inspiration for architecture and design – has decided to support two artists who can boast of an international curriculum and who are very active in Tuscany, by inviting them to use its products to create works conceived especially for the occasion. The idea at the root of the initiative is to provide artists with a wide range of decorative products to use as they please in the creation of their works, whether paintings, performances, installations or any other type of artistic effort. For Viero, it is a new, important adventure. The project is not a mere sponsorship but rather an articulated journey connected to development and training demands of a brand that has always exported values tied to culture, beauty and Made in Italy throughout the world. For the first time ever, paints, plasters, sands, stuccoes and textured compounds will be employed not for conventional ornamental use but for original creative and conceptual purposes, ennobling these elements and becoming charged with the meaning and the suggestions that the artists wish to communicate.Viero per L’Arte aims to be a long-term journey that aspires to re-establish the connective tissue of these two only apparently distant worlds, with the goal – as ambitious as it is fascinating – of giving life to a bond between art and the company. A bond capable of spurring lively dialogue on the themes of beauty and research, with a special focus on the universe of decoration. A bond that will certainly yield new creative stimuli. In few words: art enters the company but also the company, with its products, enters artists’ studios. Follow us to discover all the phases of the project.

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“Unica_Mente_In_Due”, an artistic collaboration between Giorgia and Mario Madiai

A new Viero for l’arte initiative BARGA (LUCCA province), Italy. Unica_Mente_In_Due is the new artistic exhibition that will take place in Barga at Via del …

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‘Liber’, exhibition of Artist’s Books in Barga

New Viero per l’Arte Initiative: at the gallery of Via Pretorio 4, Giorgia Madiai and Nicola Salotti explore the artistic potential of the Art Book …

viero per l'arte

Via del Pretorio 4: photogallery of art performances

Via del Pretorio 4, art atelier of Giorgia Maidiai: Interior wall decoration with Marmorin Extra MM13 by Viero, Chapel decorated with Allure silver and ceiling with Vixalit FC116. Pictures taken during …

Viero per l'Arte

Showcase of art for art’s sake: Giorgia Madiai’s studio in the heart of Barga (Lucca, Tuscany – Italy)

Strong of the success of the Richiami installation by Fabrizio Da Prato, which can still be visited in Pistoia, Italian Capital of Culture 2017, the …

Viero per l'Arte

New Event Viero per l’Arte. #1 – L’Arte va in scena, Giorgia Madiai

New event Viero per l’Arte 28/7/2017: #1 – L’Arte va in scena, Giorgia Madiai Giorgia Madiai Via Del Pretorio 4 #1 – L’Arte va in …

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Viero Richiami posters have been hanged: join us in Pistoia until the 31st of July 2017

The installation RICHIAMI takes place in Pistoia from the 17th to the 31st of July: thanks to the Viero Paints installation, advertising is replaced with pictorial …

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Viero artistic posters for the initiative Richiami: the backstage

Everything is ready for Viero per l’Arte first initiative Richiami. The idea at the base of the artistic endeavour – curated by art historian Veronica …

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Richiami: download the original Viero poster

Viero Paints, within the initiative Viero per l’Arte, is engaging contemporary artists in the development of artistic installations. From 17 to 31 July, the installation RICHIAMI will take …

viero per l'arte

Fabrizio da Prato, art in place of advertising

On the occasion of its 50th anniversary Viero has decided to support two artists who can boast of an international curriculum.

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