17 Novembre 2020

A bathroom with yellow and granite walls: design ideas

A bathroom is one of the most intimate and most used rooms in the home. Decorating a bathroom requires careful study and a design that takes advantage of the spaces and highlights the room’s potential. Not only is good arrangement of the sanitary apparatus needed, but also lighting design, layout and placing of openings: add to this the choice of finishes and colours for the walls – an essential feature in creating an atmosphere that can provide wellbeing and energy – and you’ll start your day successfully.

Bathroom with yellow walls, under the Viero Paints label

Yellow is a colour that stands for positivity. It is always a trendy colour, which lends itself well to a bathroom too. Yellow brings to mind the Italian sun and thus vitality. The effect of energy produced by yellow can provide just the drive needed to confront the day ahead successfully, starting first thing in the morning. It is essential, however, to combine shapes and colours in the best way possible so that the atmosphere is one of good taste. For an original bathroom a mix of yellow and white is very popular: it is a perfect combination for making the room bright and light. For a more elegant colour contrast, the combination of yellow with black also works very well.

Damascato, Stucco Veneziano and Wood Viero Paints

The special shade of yellow of the DAMASCATO finish made by Viero Paints, achieved with Allure, highlights an aesthetic that is rich and recherché, taking its inspiration from damask fabrics. Playing an essential role is the soft alternating of shiny and smooth surfaces with areas that are opaque and material. An application with ALLURE paint is enriched by gleaming precious golden pigments that activate fascinating reflections of light. An ideal effect to lighten a refined context.

Damascato con allure Viero Paints
Damascato con allure Viero Paints

Stucco Veneziano the Venetian plaster finish by Viero Paints, made with Mithos Lux, creates a very special spatulate effect for a yellow bathroom area with great aesthetic impact. The result is a shiny marble-effect finish that looks three-dimensional.

For a perfect bathroom in yellow, Viero Paints also suggests WOOD, with the special Vieroplast and Bitume Decorativo application. This original finish provides a warm and natural charm to the bathroom. The scratched weft and the shades of teak, wenge and iroko wood evoke the calming look of tree barks. The application of Vieroplast plaster suggests a ridging and delicately aged effect, provided by applying a wet paste containing DECORATIVE BITUMEN.

Wood Iroko Viero Paints
Wood Iroko Viero Paints

Bathroom with granite walls

The choice of granite for wall coverings, shower trays, baths, wash basins and furnishing details for the bathroom area, guarantees a result that is elegant and very trendy. Granite is natural plutonic stone of volcanic origin. It is very resistant, compact and waterproof, and one of the most popular furnishing rocks. Widely used as bathroom material it is also easy to look after. Nowadays there is a varied range of colours, perfectly adaptable to both classical and modern contexts. Bathroom panelling in granite is hygienic and spectacular, perfect for achieving a particularly captivating atmosphere.

From this point of view, GRANITO under the Viero Paints label and achieved with MARMORIN HYDRO and GRANI DECORATIVI, a special finish with decorative stone grains, evokes the speckled texture typical of granite, a great classic in the field of decoration. Made with MARMORIN HYDRO and GRANI DECORATIVI, this effect is ideal for a sophisticated atmosphere, which reinterprets tradition, imbuing these areas with the welcoming tones of metal and earth.