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11 October 2021

Colour trends for 2022: get inspired with Viero Paints

Colour has a great impact on our emotions and is the starting point of inspiration for new designs, styles and trends. The most popular wall colour paint predicted...
27 September 2021

Elegant outdoor spaces with Viero Paints finishes

Your outdoor space should reflect the style of your indoor living environment. Viero Paints has a wide range of elegant and trendy finishes for decorating your outdoor spaces....
13 September 2021

Richiami Parma 2021, an urban art gallery by Fabrizio Da Prato

From 16 to 30 September, one of Parma’s main streets, Viale Toschi, will host “Richiami Parma 2021”, a street art installation designed and created by the artist Fabrizio...
30 August 2021

Old English interior design ideas for a timeless home

Old English decor never fails to enchant. To decorate your interiors in the style of 19th century homes, it is important you choose the furnishing wisely, starting with...
16 August 2021

How to create a relaxing bathroom with Viero Paints decorative finishes

Bathrooms are very important spaces in a home because they are where you take care of yourself every day. Therefore, the bathroom space should be a place of...
2 August 2021

Home renovation ideas: Tuscan-style painting effects

In our recent article titled “Wall painting ideas using Italian brands”, we highlighted how renovating a home may take a lot of time and planning. Since the walls...
19 July 2021

Viero Paints rooms: decorative finishes for nice and cosy living rooms

The living room is the heart of a home. It is the place where the family gathers and relaxes. The Made in Italy Viero Paints decorative wall finishes...
5 July 2021

Wall painting ideas using Italian brands

Home renovation is a long process that requires careful and accurate planning. Everything must be thought through - from the technical aspects such as renovating the façade, replacing...
21 June 2021

Wall ideas by Viero Paints: decorative finishes for elegant, relaxing bedrooms

The bedroom is a very intimate space, it should inspire a feeling of balance, relaxation, and enhance a restful night’s sleep. The Made in Italy decorative wall finishes...
7 June 2021

Grey in interior design: airy, bright and fresh rooms

Grey in interior design: airy, bright and fresh rooms. Grey never goes out of fashion. The neutral colour par excellence, it can be used in every room of...
24 May 2021

Viero Paints decorative wall finishes for a trendy home office

Viero Paints Made in Italy decorative finishes aim to reproduce the charm of Italian elegance through attention to detail and aesthetics. With its refined and trendy soul, Viero...
10 May 2021

Preparing your home for summer with fresh and bright colours by Viero Paints

The month of May brings the fragrances and colours of summer. Fresh and vibrant hues to brighten up your interiors and get ready to embrace the sunshine and...
26 April 2021

Viero Paints decorative effects for a stylish kitchen

Viero Paints decorative wall effects evoke the refined atmospheres of Italian lifestyle and elegance, through attention to detail, beauty and love for tradition. Viero helps create unique interiors...
23 April 2021

Cromology Italia with Viero, official sponsor of the Venice Architecture Biennale

Viero will display its own range of decorative wall finishes dedicated exclusively to the foreign market to represent the excellence of Italian tradition and style. During the first...
12 April 2021

Charm, emotion and elegance: Made in Tuscany, the ultimate inspiration for your dream home

Made in Tuscany Collection by Viero Paints is the perfect inspiration for your dream home. A collection of decorative wall effects inspired by Italy’s most enchanted places to...
29 March 2021

Elena Rosellini presents the Made in Tuscany Collection

A unique natural scenery, an ancient and illustrious history, a lush and luxuriant landscape are the highlights of a collection of Viero Paints decorative effects inspired by one...
15 March 2021

Cocoon decor with Viero Paints products

Cocooning is a new interiors trend. The sense of homeliness and cosy warmth are central to this style and translates into the desire to make the home an...
1 March 2021

Spring at home with Viero Paints Made in Italy products

The month of March brings us the typical scents and colours of spring. The landscapes brighten up with vivid colours and our homes come alive with a more...
15 February 2021

Viero Paints effects for the cottagecore style

The cottagecore style evokes the charm of a simple, bucolic life. It is an aesthetic trend that is being celebrated in both fashion and interior design. Pastel and...
1 February 2021

Viero Paints in the Gulf Countries in 2021

Viero Paints was born out of the desire to supply a ground-breaking vision of space, interpreting the past and ensuring careful attention to quality. Viero Paints, well known as...
18 January 2021

Viero Paints: style ideas for 2021

Your home is where life starts and moves on. This year, more than ever, it has become a place of refuge, a place where you find warm togetherness,...
17 November 2020

A bathroom with yellow and granite walls: design ideas

A bathroom is one of the most intimate and most used rooms in the home. Decorating a bathroom requires careful study and a design that takes advantage of...
27 October 2020

Made in Italy design wall colours: Viero Paints 2021 trends

The trends of Made in Italy design wall colours are always varied, and each year are captivating. Italian label Viero Paints regarding decorative finishes and plasters, aimed at...
24 September 2020

Interview with Francesco Zavattari

Hi Francesco. We read an interesting biography on your website, which summarised your activities (and what a lot they are!) ranging from painting, installations, educational projects (masterclasses and...
15 September 2020

Walls in Damask Made in Italy: ideas and tips

Viero Paints Made in Italy Damascato adds character to your home, taking its inspiration from the precious Syrian fabric used typically for furnishings as covers for cushions, chairs and...
26 August 2020

Marmorino or Venetian Plaster? A guide to Made in Italy design

The furnishing of an interior reveals the very essence of a home. Any interior decoration has to be carefully and meticulously studied. Because of their size, walls are...
31 July 2020

Stucco Veneziano: creating stylish finishes with Venetian plaster

The line of Made in Italy decorative effects and products by Viero Paints is their answer to the need of marrying style and comfort within a home: an environment...
21 July 2020

When Made in Italy finishes are also interior decoration

Interior decoration is the very essence of a home. Good interior decoration will provide a specific and detailed design, starting with a choice of finishes for the walls....
6 June 2019

Viero was mentioned on a broadcast dedicated to decoration and the world of interior design

The distributor of VERYLUX in Guangdong, Viero's partner in China, has organized a live broadcast on a national radio. Specifically, the speakers discussed various themes, including the latest...
5 June 2019


Viero has announced the opening of a new showroom in Athens.  We are pleased to announce that Viero has finally landed in Greece with the opening of this...
5 June 2019


Exhibition opening for the new DOM interior campaign. Viero is pleased to announce the opening of a new DOM interior exhibition space, located in Naples. The brand deals...
5 June 2019

Viero at a decoration convention in China

Viero teamed up with Verylux at a convention in China last May. Viero participated in an annual decoration convention that was held in Shanghai, China, on Saturday 11th...
23 May 2019

Viero and Toncelli at Fuori Salone Milano

Such good news! We are really excited to announce that Viero and Toncelli at the Fuori Salone will team up to present a new kitchen with a contemporary...
20 May 2019

The Viero Prize for Contemporary Art

The new Viero Prize for Contemporary Art has been awarded to Archway Project at the Lucca Art Fair 2019. The project started from the creative mind of the...
14 May 2019

Viero will award the ‘Viero Award for Contemporary Art’ at the Lucca Art Fair

We are excited to announce our participation in the Lucca Art Fair 2019, an event dedicated to art galleries, artists, collectors and fans of the sector. From 17...
14 April 2019

Two training days in Dubai

Viero Academy: two training days in Dubai Last April, from 9th to 10th, the Viero Academy organized two training days in Dubai. The Arab Emirates area, with our...
28 March 2019

Viero at Made Expo 2019

A unique and unforgettable experience for all decoration lovers. Fun, passion, creativity and a great desire to share techniques, suggestions, tips and news in the decoration sector. The...
25 March 2019

Viero mentioned in Living Corriere

After the great success at Made Expo 2019, an international fair of architecture and construction, the spotlight is certainly on Viero! Living Corriere, the famous Italian magazine dedicated...
19 March 2019


"From a marketable space to a gift to the community" states Fabrizio Da Prato. Following the success achieved in Palermo, "Richiami" is replicated in Beijing, city that for...
13 March 2019

Viero, national debut at Made Expo

Come and visit us to live a "Human Experience" between creativity, sharing ideas and innovation   Viero, a brand that produces decorative finishes of inspiration for the world...
27 February 2019

Viero has arrived in China

The beauty of the Italian tradition mixed with the excellence of Viero products has arrived on Chinese soil! In the past few months Viero has inaugurated many showrooms...
16 January 2019

Tintometric System: color, tailor-made for you!

Choose the color that suits you best with Viero Are you an applicator or a decorator? Viero offers you the opportunity to free your creativity, through a cutting-edge...
13 January 2019

A continuous flow of innovation and research for avant-garde and eco-sustainable solutions

Viero's commitment embraces innovation and sustainability to create high-performance decorative products  For more than half a century, Viero has been the Italian excellence in the market of interior and...
12 January 2019

An exclusive event in Moldova

Viero inaugurated 2019 with an important event at its exclusive distributor for Moldova. The event was attended by constructors and applicators, to whom was presented the brand and...
11 January 2019

Customer services tailored for you

Viero offers a wide range of online and offline costumer services For over 50 years, Viero has been the perfect example of innovation and quality in the world...
8 January 2019

A new Viero seminar in Moscow

Viero concluded 2018 with a seminar in Moscow that was a great success! On the last December 11th a Viero training event took place in Moscow, welcoming many...
10 December 2018

Palermo, the art of Fabrizio Da Prato steals the scene from advertising

PALERMO. They appeared one morning in September all of a sudden and for fifteen days they have officially taken the place of advertising. These are the pictorial works...
4 December 2018

Viero with Toncelli at the ARKEDA fair in Naples

Viero is very proud to announce its presence at the ARKEDA fair in Naples, the exhibition of architecture, construction, design and furniture, which has taken place in Naples...
23 November 2018

Viero will participate in the ARKEDA fair in Naples with Toncelli

Great news for Viero! We are happy to announce that, from the 30th of November to the 2nd of December, at the ARKEDA fair in Naples specialized in furniture,...
18 November 2018

Viero Academy workshop with Chinese partners

Another Viero Academy workshop ended with success! On November 13th and 14th our partners from China had the opportunity to meet our experts and discover many secrets about...
16 November 2018

Viero collaborates with Mecomer for the creation of the stand at the Ecomondo Rimini Fair

Viero is pleased to announce its collaboration with Mecomer for the construction of the stand at the Ecomondo Fair in Rimini, which took place last November. Ecomondo is...
14 November 2018

The new Viero YiWu City showroom in ZheJiang

On the 9th of November, Viero inaugurated the opening of the new showroom YiWu City in ZheJiang province, China. It is an elegant and refined space that exhibits...
8 November 2018

The new Viero Catalog has arrived

Through the research, passion and creativity that have always distinguished the commitment and the daily work of our experts, Viero's new catalog comes to life: an itinerary to...
31 October 2018

An interview with Elia Nedkov: walls become pages on which you can tell a story

Behind the catalogs similar to art books and the scenographic settings that characterize Viero Paints there is the personality of Elia Nedkov, a talented art director who has...
21 September 2018

Photo shooting for Viero’s new Catalog

Viero is working for you! Few days ago in our office we made a photo shooting that gave life to a series of beautiful shots for the new...
17 September 2018

“Richiami, Palermo 2018” a site specific installation made by Fabrizio Da Prato

"Richiami, Palermo 2018" is a site-specific public installation created by the artist Fabrizio Da Prato and consists in the insertion of pictorial works in place of advertising, in...
11 July 2018

Italian design with Viero

It is no secret that most Italians have an inherent eye for good design, and Italian love for home is second to none. By combining those two elements,...
11 July 2018

Viero at Canton Fair, the International building Decoration fair in China

Viero is partner of Verylux at the Canton Fair, the International building Decoration fair in China. Canton Fair is a must for those who love high quality craftsmanship...
25 May 2018

OXO Collection gallery

Viero Per L'arte project presents a vernissage in OXO - the gallery. The new exhibition space in Barga is entirely dedicated to contemporary art. Viero was chosen for the...
9 May 2018

New Viero showroom in Moldova

Viero inaugurated a new showroom in Moldova! Placed in the capital, Chişinău, the showroom shows Viero's made in Italy products in a refined and illuminated space.
18 April 2018

EuroCucina 2018 at Salone del Mobile in Milan

The high-end Toncelli kitchens meet the quality of Viero finishes in a unique interior design experience, during the EuroCucina 2018 event at the Salone del Mobile in Milan....
13 April 2018

Terroir project

During the event VinItaly which takes place in Verona, AreaVite18 presented the Terroir project, aimed at celebrating the prosperity of the Italian territory and the quality of italian...
24 March 2018

Stuber Day: trends and innovations for interior design

Our customer from Switzerland took part to Stuber Day for the second time, an exclusive event dedicated to interior design trends and innovations: a unique atmosphere, where exhibitors...
4 December 2017

“Unica_Mente_In_Due “, an artistic collaboration between Giorgia and Mario Madiai

Unica_Mente_In_Due is the new artistic exhibition that will take place in Barga at Via del Pretorio 4 from 8 to 10 December. The venue is the studio-workshop of Giorgia Madiai, a multi-faceted artist who...
4 December 2017

Upcoming Opening of Viero Decorative Paints Showroom in The Maldives

A new Viero training on the job has been successfully completed in the Maldives. A warm welcome to our new Maldivian partner and all the best for the...
1 December 2017

Viero, a passionate research into the aesthetics of contemporary spaces

As the perfect ending to the year in which Viero celebrated its half-century of life, we have created a prized publication, a limited and exclusive edition that for...
26 November 2017

Viero presents one of its decorative finishes at Arkeda, Naples, 1-3 December 2017

Toncelli, Italian producer of kitchen furniture, will be exhibiting with Viero Paints at Arkeda, Naples – Italy, 1-3 December 2017. Toncelli has selected the decorative paint Ghibli by...
22 November 2017

Viero at Concreta 2017, Porto (Portugal), 23-26/11/2017

We wait for you at Concreta with Robbialac to discover Viero decorative paints and plasters and enjoy a preview of Viero worldwide greatest projects collected for our 50th anniversary.
29 October 2017

Viero Academy: workshop with Australian and Maltese partners

A workshop with Viero Australian and Maltese partners has successfully taken place at Viero Academy, with a great level of enthusiasm in sharing experiences. Viero always shares with great pleasure know-how,...
23 October 2017

New Viero showroom in Shanghai

Simple atmosphere for a new Chinese style. Discover it at the Wenzhou Exhibition Hall, the new Viero showroom in Shanghai, China.
6 October 2017

Viero Academy training in Israel

A new Viero Academy training took place in Israel, at Viero partner spaces. If you wish to attend a Viero training too, please get in touch with us.
2 October 2017

Viero Academy: a new workshop for decorative paints experts

A new training for Viero partners and decorative paints experts took place at Viero Academy in Tuscany. Coordinated by Viero decorators, participants creatively applied and explored new potential of...
11 September 2017

Viero Paints at Europe century home fashion show in Nanjing, China

Viero decorative paints and plasters have been presented with great success at Europe Century Home Fashion Show in Nanjing, China.
5 September 2017

Viero announces its partnership with Robbialac for the Portuguese market

Viero is very proud to announce its partnership with Robbialac in Portugal for the distribution of its decorative paints sand plasters. After an intensive technical and commercial training,...
31 July 2017

Showcase of art for art’s sake: Giorgia Madiai’s studio in the heart of Barga (Tuscany, Italy)

After the success of the Richiami installation by Fabrizio Da Prato, which can still be visited in Pistoia, Italian Capital of Culture 2017, Viero per l’Arte project is enthusiastically...
31 July 2017

Viero Paints on display with a stable space at Home Idea in Auckland

An innovative design space showcasing the latest trends. Be inspired and visit us at Home Idea – stand 88, to discover Viero decorative paints. 165 The Strand Parnell. 7...
18 July 2017

RICHIAMI: huge interest for Viero artistic posters in Pistoia

The installation RICHIAMI is taking shape in Pistoia from the 17th to the 31st of July: thanks to the Viero artistic installation, advertising is replaced with pictorial art. Fabrizio...
6 July 2017

RICHIAMI: art in place of advertising

Fabrizio Da Prato will inaugurate the new Viero Per L’Arte project, an initiative that constitutes a true debut into the world of contemporary art for Viero Paints. From...
3 July 2017

A new Viero Academy training in La Reunion

Viero has held a new training at La Reunion, with local Viero partners. Viero Academy is an initiative supporting customers and partners in developing new skills for the creation...
20 June 2017

A new Viero showroom in Baku will be opening on july the 3rd

Viero is very glad to announce the opening of a new showroom in Baku, Azerbaijan, presenting Viero decorative paints, finishes and plasters.
16 June 2017

New Viero showroom in Xian, China

Viero, leading Italian producer of decorative paints, announces the opening of a new showroom in Xian, China.
13 June 2017

Viero at Neocon, Chicago, 12-14 June 2017

Viero at Neocon 2017 in Chicago, presenting a selection of its decorative paints and venetian plasters, like Mithos Lux, Hydro, Lithos and Mithos.
8 June 2017

Debut into the world of contemporary art: Viero Per L’arte is born

Viero debuts into the world of contemporary art with the experimental project Viero per L’Arte. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary, the Cromology brand specialized in decorative...
30 May 2017

New Viero decorative paints showroom in Wuxi, Cina

Viero is very proud to announce that, thanks to a very fruitful cooperation with its Chinese partners, a new decorative paints and plasters showroom has been inaugurated in...
24 May 2017

Viero Paints at Neo Con 2017 in Chicago, June 12-14

Viero Paints, Italian leading company in the production and marketing of decorative paints, finishes and plasters, will exhibit at Neo Con 2017 in Chicago, at the Mart, June 12-14....
24 May 2017

Viero Academy training in China

Viero has organized a new training in China for decorative paints, finishes and plasters. All participants were enthusiastic about Viero Italian solutions for interior decoration and design.
17 April 2017

One more passionate day of training with Viero Paints partners

A decorative paint training at Viero Academy in Tuscany is a moment to learn more about decorative products, application tecniques and stay together! We are always happy to welcome...
9 April 2017

New Viero decorative paints showroom in China

Viero is glad to inform all the enthusiasts and partners about the new Viero showrooom in Zhongshan (Guangdong) for decorative paints and plasters. Contact us for more information or...
13 March 2017

New Viero showroom in Ploiesti, Romania

Viero is very proud to celebrate the opening of a new Viero decorative paints and plasters showroom in Romania. The whole range of Viero decorative finishes are available for...
8 March 2017

Viero paints at Ambient Expo in Romania

During 4 days, between 23rd and 26th of March 2017, AMBIENT EXPO in Romania is the meeting place of interior design and landscaping specialists. The international trade fair for products...
6 March 2017

New Viero showroom in Nanjing, China

Viero is proud to announce the opening of a new Viero decorative paints showroom in Nanjing, China.
28 February 2017

Viero decorative paints training in China

Viero partner in China has organized a successful meeting with a selected group of painters and decorators specialized in decorative paints and venetian plasters. If you also wish to...
17 February 2017

New training program at Viero decorative paints academy

Viero is an Italian company leader in the production of decorative paints, finishes and plasters such as Venetian plaster, lime plaster, marmorino and Venetian plaster. Viero Academy is...
14 February 2017

New Viero showroom in The Netherlands

Viero International network keeps on growing: a new showrom will be opened early 2017 in the Netherlands. Contact us if you wish to become a Viero partner too!
15 January 2017

New Viero showroom in Saudi Arabia

A new Viero showroom has been inaugurated end of 2016. The store covers the area of Jeddah and Madina and employs 2 interior designers and 2 sales consultants. 30 partner...
10 January 2017

New Viero Showroom in Prague

Happy to start the new year by celebrating the new Viero showroom in Prague made by 3deco! We invite you all to see the beauty of Viero decorative finishes in...
18 December 2016

Wood by Viero in Living, one of the major interior design magazines in Italy

Viero is proud to announce that its decorative paint Wood, a pre-blended plaster recommended for interior decoration where a wood effect is desired, has been chosen by Living, one of...
14 December 2016

Viero Season’s Greetings 2016-2017

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very happy, very decorated New Year with Viero decorative paints, coatings and plasters!
22 November 2016

Viero: a meeting with partners from China

Viero meets its partners from China in a special and unique event.
11 November 2016

Viero Academy in Dubai

Viero Academy staff visited Dubai recently and held a training on its new decorative paints and effects. Viero organizes trainings for its international partners in its headquarter in...
13 October 2016

Viero Paints at Bautage, Stilhaus

Viero decorative paints, finishes and plasters were presented by Knopp at Bautage in Stilhaus, Rothrist, Switzerland.
13 October 2016

Viero Academy: a new international meeting

On the 17th and 18th of October, a new training will take place at Viero Academy in Tuscany, Italy. Customers and potential customers from Germany, Moldova and Lebanon...
10 October 2016

New Viero Paints Showroom in the Antilles

Viero Paints is proud to announce the recent opening of the new showroom in the Antilles within its distributor’s shop Revantilles, a chain specialized in paints and decorative paints.
4 October 2016

International Training at Viero Academy

On the 3rd and 4th October, Viero Academy organized an international training aimed at exploring new decorative effects and improving application techniques of Viero decorative paints, finishes and...
4 October 2016

New decorative effects of Viero

Viero Paints' team of decorative painters has developed a creative interpretation of the Florentine lime-based wall covering and Vierosil Vel opaque siloxane enamel. Viero Paints offers complete support...
15 September 2016

Viero presents its new Catalog at Decorex London 2016

We expect you for discovering our new decorative effects: Decorex London 18-21 September, Syon Park – London.
29 May 2016

A preview of Viero new lime based Marmorini Color Collection

Viero, the specialist in the production of lime based decorative paint plasters, presents a preview of the new Marmorini Color Collection. Eagerly awaited by the customers, it includes...
29 May 2016

Viero grows in South Korea

Viero is very proud to announce its growth in International markets thanks to a partnership with a specialized company in South Korea. Viero customers worldwide appreciate Viero's  decorative...
25 March 2016

Viero Posters

A selection of the most beautiful environments featuring the decorative products of the Viero range in large-sized Poster version and a high-resolution shot of the “crateri lunari” (moon...
25 March 2016

Official photos of Viero at Farbe

We would like to thank the many and enthusiastic visitors who came to visit us at Farbe. At the event, Viero presented its full range of paints and...
2 February 2016

Viero at Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade 2016 in Munich

Cromology Group and Viero will attend the most important Europe’s trade fair for facade design and interior architecture Farbe, Ausbau & Fassade, Hall A2 Booth 316, 2nd 5th of...
1 January 2016

Viero at Architect at Work 2016 in London

2015 was a fantastic year for Viero, but we’re already excited for 2016. On January 27th & 28th, Viero will be taking part in the Architects @Work exhibition...
30 December 2015

Viero presents the new collection Lime Book at Decorex London 2015

Viero Lime Book is a book dedicated to lime, as you see it in the paintings of De Chirico, in those metaphysical representations in which every illusory boundary seems...
2 December 2015

Thank you for visiting Viero at Decorex 2015, London

Thank you for visiting Viero at Decorex 2015, London. Viero will be exhibiting also in 2016, London’s Olympia 27-28 January 2016, Stand 14.
28 November 2015

Viero Color Collection

For Viero, choosing the color to confer to a given material is an architectural reflection on time and space. It is never a random action but stems from...
2 November 2015

Viero | ARCHITECT@WORK Belgium

Viero successfully exhibited at Architect at Work Belgium, where architects and interior designers demonstrated high interest in Viero decorative finishes and plasters.
2 September 2015

Viero at Mosbuild 2015

Viero exhibited at Mosbuild 2015, the most important trade fair in Russia for interior design. Viero textured finishes and plasters have been highly appreciated by Russian and International...
2 June 2015

Interiors Design Showcase Summit

The 2015 Interior Design Showcase Summit held at the Hilton Hotel London Wembley proved a great success for Viero for the large number of pre-arranged appointments with potential...
29 December 2014

Viero new opening: showroom in Shanghai

Viero is proud to announce the new showroom in Shanghai. We invite you to visit our new four floors location with several areas for displays, demonstrations, sampling, meeting...
2 October 2014

Viero at Decorex International, London

A very simple installation, where the aesthetic potential of each product is emphasized by the evocative repetition of surfaces. This is how Vierohas chosen to appear at DECOREX...
2 June 2014

Viero at Index, Dubai

Vierois pleased to announce it will be attending the INDEX International Design Exhibition (19th-22nd May, at the Dubai World Trade Centre / INDEX Surfaces & Finishes – Hall 8,...
2 May 2014

Expo Coat 2014 Shanghai

Four days of intense presentation and a lot of visitors. Viero is pleased to show their new decorative finishes during one of the most important annual events where best retailers meet...
2 December 2013

The Big 5 Dubai

The international building & construction show at stand 8C361
2 November 2013

New Viero catalog

Viero is happy to announce the launch of the new Viero catalog!
2 October 2013

Viero at Project Prestige, Dubai 2013

Two days of business meetings between the key buyers of high-end design and hospitality projects from Middle east, India & Asia. Viero decorative finishes and plasters highly appreciated...
3 May 2013

Viero at Bakubuild 2013

A selection of Viero’s best wall-finishes was shown at BAKUBUILD, 23-26 October 2013, Baku – Azerbaijan.
3 April 2013

Viero at Arc Interiors 2013

Viero participated at Arc Interiors, an intensive one-to-one business meetings program, delivering interior architecture decision-makers from America’s largest and most active architectural & interior design (A&D) firms. ARC Interiors, 26-29 September...
3 March 2013

Viero at Sofia Design Week 2013

In a world full of optical distraction one needs to stop and look inwards to find the precious truth. Raw outer shell, architectonically and aesthetically correct embodies the...
2 February 2013


The last exciting creation of Viero: water-repellent marmorino. Expressly created for bathrooms, for those rooms through which water flows.  Mineral compound with a calm and saturated look neither glossy nor...
2 December 2012

Viero wins the award for its brand identity

Viero's brand idenity, under the artistic direction of Elia Nedkov was awarded with the international award "Design and Design".
3 February 2011

Viero at MADE Expo 2011 in Milan

Presented in a modern contemporary structure the selection of wall finishes displays the result of the company’s commitment to architecture.
1 January 2011

Viero with FEG at Salone del Mobile 2011

Viero finishes have been chosen by the renowned Italian furniture company FEG for the interior design of their stand during Salone del Mobile.
2 February 2009

Viero and Polidori.Barbera Design for the Armani Hotel Dubai

Luisa Polidori and Cristiana Barbera, both graduates of Rome’s Academy of Fine Arts, formed Polidori . Barbera Design in 1996. This dynamic partnership is renowned  for its inspirational work...