11 January 2019

Customer services tailored for you

Viero offers a wide range of online and offline costumer services

For over 50 years, Viero has been the perfect example of innovation and quality in the world of decorative finishes. Viero products, intended for professionals decorators- including architects, designers, interior designers and applicators – are exported to more than 30 countries worldwide. Viero is a proud ambassador of “made in Italy“, both for the production and for the innovation and research behind it. That’s why, together with the philosophy and passion that animate the project, Viero received a big success on the international market .

Entering in direct contact with the customer and satisfying the requests is very important to us, and that is why we offer a personalized customer service based on professionals’ needs.


The services available to our customers include:

– technical advices for the choice of products and colors comparing to the different creative and functional needs,

– the planning of training courses (at the Viero Academy),

– exclusive online and offline services,

– the organization of workshops and competitions,

– an accurate and functional marketing support,

– a toll-free number 800.219.420.

Viero offers services designed exclusively for professional applicators all over the world, so as to establish a relationship of trust with them while improving their skills. Viero Academy offers also the opportunity to compare and deepen the knowledge of products and application techniques, in a place aimed at exchange and interaction, with the constant goal of increasing the creativity of the team and applicators.

Moreover, Viero provides video tutorials and an applicator manual, as well as the online Viero Tutor service, a remote assistance platform to support applicators to deal with technical or application needs. There is also a toll-free number, 800.219.420, to give more technical information, such as the order status and tracking, deliveries and to allow customers opening of complaints of a product or service.

Moreover, Viero guarantees its customers a complete advice on the choice of colors and products, in compliance with creative and functional requirements. There is also the continuation of the construction site, a service through which, following a customer order, the lot is stored to be able to guarantee a subsequent order, if necessary.

In this way, each color delivered is stored in a historical catalog of samples for 12 months, available at the request of the customer.

The goal of Viero is to achieve continuous improvement in terms of efficiency during the production phases as well as in the provision of services.

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