Made in Tuscany Collection


People who contributed to the splendour and magnificence of the Roman Empire, lands that hold precious raw materials, a long goldsmith and metalworking tradition that has produced unique masterpieces, all this is encompassed in TERRE ETRUSCHE. A series of decorative finishes dedicated to native minerals and the processing of precious metals.
From the materiality of iron to the richness of gold,in an artistic journey that combines history, nature and beauty.




The sparkling nobility of copper emerges with disruptive force from blue oxidation on bare rock. An effect that evokes the concreteness and naturalness of native minerals.

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Vieropaints velathri effect


A finish that blends the surfaces of embossed bronze and the brilliance of metal, Volsini provides movement through different shades of colour.

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Vieropaints volsini decorative effect


A decorative effect that draws inspiration from the processing of silver and the ancient tradition of Etruscan metalworking.

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vieropaints vatluna decorative effect


Natural rock and raw mineral re-emerge in their ancient form ancient form thanks to E-BREZZA, topped with VIEROVEL.

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vieropaints pupluna decorative effect


Goldsmith art is used to enrich precious walls with elegant engravings.

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zamathi decorative effect


Age-old craftsmanship that evokes ancient Roman splendour, micro granules of gold.

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vieropaints clevsin decorative effect