17 September 2018

“Richiami, Palermo 2018” a site specific installation made by Fabrizio Da Prato

“Richiami, Palermo 2018” is a site-specific public installation created by the artist Fabrizio Da Prato and consists in the insertion of pictorial works in place of advertising, in spaces for public billboards regularly purchased.

The artistic intervention will be available from 17th to 30th September in Palermo, a city chosen for its symbolic value as “Italian Capital of Culture 2018”, but also to give continuity to the project inaugurated last year in Pistoia, the capital of Tuscany invested in 2017 of the same title.

The operation is included in the official calendar of “Palermo Italian Capital of Culture 2018” and has the patronage of the City of Palermo.

The paintings, previously made by Da Prato with acrylic paint on a blue backed paper support, will be posted by the staff assigned starting from Monday 17th September in Piazza Tarzanà, in two external public billposting structures measuring 6×6 m each.

Ephemeral and large pictorial works will thus emerge from the established circuits of contemporary art interacting with the surrounding urban context and offering itself to thousands of looks that, for about two weeks, day after day, will see them change according to numerous and sometimes unpredictable external factors, from meteorological conditions to the simple passing of time.

As already happened for the Pistoiese stage, the territory with its history, its works of art, its traditions inspired the artist to design the installation. “What struck me in a decisive way – says Da Prato – was the multicultural soul of Palermo and the stratification, very often integrated, of the different dominations of the past. A melting pot that I have condensed through the creation of symbolic images, to trace my vision of Palermo, whose profile for me is composed not only of architecture but also of the history of the people who shaped it and of which I tried to capture the look”.

“Richiami, Palermo 2018” was made thanks to the contribution of the sponsors Viero Paints | Viero Project for Art – Porcari (LU) and OXO Collection – The Gallery – Barga (LU).

Fabrizio Da Prato was born in 1965 in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana and currently lives in Tuscany. After the Diploma of Master of Arts in Lucca and studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he dedicated himself to a series of artistic operations, carried out independently or in collaboration with other artists, based on intense experimentation and united by the will to undertake a lively and constructive dialogue with the territory, using aesthetics to stimulate a process of anthropological and social reflection. His production goes from installation to painting, from video to performance. Among the many artistic interventions realized we remember: Margins: visions and representations of environment and montagnanel 2007 and Margins: artistic explorations, pioneer species in 2008, on the Apuan Alps; Love Projectnel 2015 which saw the realization with the artist Keane of a hundred paintings abandoned and left as gifts in the squares of the capitals of Tuscany; Refer back to Pistoia in 2017, with the inclusion of 15 paintings in 36 advertising spaces regularly purchased to create an exhibition path in the urban context.