20 May 2019

The Viero Prize for Contemporary Art

The new Viero Prize for Contemporary Art has been awarded to Archway Project at the Lucca Art Fair 2019.

The project started from the creative mind of the artistic collective of Baris Saribas (Turkey, 1979) and Navid Azimi Sajadi (Iran, 1982). They created a work of art that enchanted the audience, formed by Barbara Pezzini – marketing manager by Viero paints -, art critics and curators Francesca Baboni and Stefano Taddei, and also by the Lucca Art Fair’s director Paolo Batoni.

The panel chose their winner, Archway Project, “for the proposal of research that sinks into one of the cradles of our civilization, the Persian one, having a look into the present and with a perspective of future aesthetic developments equally connected with the complicated reality ”.

The Viero Award for Contemporary Art

In addition to receiving a special supply of pictorial material, the winners will have the exclusive opportunity to visit our Porcari headquarters to meet our team. One of the new works, among those made with Viero products, will also be published on all international media platforms (website, social media, newsletter …).

The purpose of the award is, in fact, to support artists and create new synergies and connections between the world of contemporary art and industry, with the aim of a creating a mutual dialogue and growth.

A meeting that embraces beauty, creativity and inspiration.

Thus, with this new adventure, the collaboration that Viero has undertaken in recent years with the contemporary art world will be reinforced, a continuous source of inspiration for a young, cosmopolitan and innovative brand like ours, always enlightened by a curious and contemporary spirit, characterized by an aesthetic yet cultural commitment.

The opportunity to explore the path taken by our brand was explained by Barbara Pezzini and Fabrizio Da Prato at the fair. Indeed, the latter has been collaborating with Viero for years, and with “Viero per L’Arte” he created “Richiami”, a series of large site-specific pictorial installations created for Pistoia -Italian capital of culture in 2017- and Palermo – Italian Capital of Culture 2018 – and included in an urban context, instead of advertising.

In addition to a precious moment of growth and exchange, participating in the Lucca Art Fair with a dedicated stand was also a good opportunity to meet our current and future partners directly in Tuscany, especially after Viero’s recent digital debut in the Italian market (store.vieropaints.it).

For further information please directly contact Barbara Pezzini, info@vieropaints.it