16 January 2019

Tintometric System: color, tailor-made for you!

Choose the color that suits you best with Viero

Are you an applicator or a decorator? Viero offers you the opportunity to free your creativity, through a cutting-edge system of creating color shades.

Viero has designed a Center of Excellence for colors, made up of a team of experts in research and development of colors, which is at your disposal to assist you in choosing the color you want.

Our modular Tintometric System uses advanced software, coloring pastes and it is based on the use of advanced tinting machines: this allows us to offer our partners a wide range of unique colors modulated on the market trends, inside which you can choose the color that best suits your needs.

Tools such as a precise dosing system, the increase of cold tones, an easy selection through a color matching and a tone, allow us to formulate the desired color with a level of precision that meets the demands of the more rigorous applicators, by virtue of a wide and heterogeneous color proposal.

Each color can thus be customized starting from the most suitable Tintometer model and through the experience of our decorative experts and thanks to the possibility of choosing of 27 high-performing coloring pastes.

Choose your color within a renewed proposal at the forefront, where the guarantee of quality of Made in Italy is combined with the use of advanced technologies for Universal and Waterborn tinting pastes. The Colorants of the Universal line are characterized by bright colors, formulated with organic pigments compatible with paints and coatings based on water and solvents for interiors. Based on water, the Waterborn Colorants are formulated with oxide pigments, designed to withstand the signs of aging and atmospheric agents for a long time.


The creation of the customized color on the applicator’s requests takes place through a process that combines the technology, that is our tinting system, the dyes (Center of Excellence Dyes) and the reference colors (color collections). It is possible to request a personalized service based on the example of a color reference, to which are added tailor-made production operations that meet the customer’s needs.

The color result varies only according to the type of product to be colored (enamel, lime, smooth paint), the sampling support (at least 5x5cm) and the texture that will be created: our dedicated laboratory is able to develop a “recipe” to formulate the color you want.

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