1 December 2017

Viero, a passionate research into the aesthetics of contemporary spaces

As the perfect ending to the year in which Viero celebrated its half-century of life, we have created a prized publication, a limited and exclusive edition that for the first time gathers a collection of projects selected among those that participated in the Viero 50 Years Contest, the international competition launched in conjunction with this important anniversary.

The attainment of this major milestone was for us a time of success stories: our products are disseminated in more then thirty countries, our showrooms are growing continuously and we have the clear consciousness that Viero is a brand of great inspiration for designers and architects worldwide.

But giving up has never been part of Viero’s philosophy – a brand that already back in 1967, when it was born, embodied a challenge: to conquer foreign markets with its strictly Made-in-Italy products.
That is why we decided to characterize 2017 with a new challenge, actively committed to establishing a creative dialogue with all those partners who daily use and are inspired by our decorative finishes, fruit of an incessant and passionate aesthetic and qualitative research aimed at finding functional and increasingly eco-sustainable solutions.

Given the level attained, a contest of ideas seemed the natural follow-up to our journey, the ideal instrument to engross and honour the network of professionals who have gravitated around Viero.
And so we launched a call for architects, interior designers, designers and decorators with the goal to highlight the infinite variations into which our materials can be interpreted. Many have accepted our invitation, elevating our products within important projects of interior/outdoor design in different corners of the earth and proposing new surprising decorative textures, having a great aesthetic and emotional impact.

The result was amazing, as you can personally see by browsing through these pages, as if leafing through a good storybook.
From China to Europe, from the Arab Emirates to India, this volume wants to be an adventurous voyage under the sign of excellence, a persisting and suggestive succession of fascinating stories written on walls.

The fil rouge are our values, the same values shared by those who have chosen us: unconditioned love of beauty, the sense of colour and of materials, tradition meeting modernity, the art of knowing fused with innovation, an enduring Italian style that overcomes all territorial borders… We would like to think that the finale is still open, ready to be written day after day by those who are committed to reinvent their creativity time and again by disseminating beauty with Viero.