5 June 2019

Viero at a decoration convention in China

Viero teamed up with Verylux at a convention in China last May.

Viero participated in an annual decoration convention that was held in Shanghai, China, on Saturday 11th and Sunday 12th of May.

Together with Verylux, the spokesperson of the chinese market that distributes Viero’s products to local applicators and businesses, they have had to possibility to show visitors their new products, new textures, the latest trends in the field of interior design and decoration, and the innovative projects carried out by our applicators around the world.

Amongst the numerous participants, over 300 distributors came from all over, that extensively admired the quality of our decorative finishing touch as well as the other aesthetic values.

With thanks we are proud to collaborate with our partner, and can confirm that VIERO is now one of the leaders of decorative effects in the chinese market.