27 Ottobre 2020

Made in Italy design wall colours: Viero Paints 2021 trends

The trends of Made in Italy design wall colours are always varied, and each year are captivating. Italian label Viero Paints regarding decorative finishes and plasters, aimed at architecture, professional design and construction, are a point of reference for wall colours. Cool Hunter gives a preview of the 2021 trends.

2021 trends: Made in Italy design wall colours

The colours selected for painting the walls of an interior have to follow the latest trends and, at the same time, bring about a sense of physical and mental wellbeing. Among trends for interiors, 2021 has in reserve colours that make an interior aesthetically beautiful, but also welcoming, warm, homely. Here are some of the Viero Paints 2021 design trending colours for walls.

A variety of shades of green

Among the Viero Paints 2021 trending colours for walls, we find green in all its splendid shades. Green hues adapt perfectly to a number of styles. Green is a colour that brings nature to mind, it is very versatile and relaxing. Among the trending shades for 2021 walls, is sage green, toned down, sober, able to transmit a sense of wellbeing and relaxation to the home environment and those who live there. Also trending are stronger and brighter greens.

Made in Italy design wall colours: Viero Paints 2021 trends Viero Paints -silk velvet

Neutral colours

Neutral tones are always in fashion and therefore find their place too among the Viero Paints 2021 colours for walls. Choosing a neutral palette shows a desire to create a particularly balanced atmosphere. Grey in all its gradations, beige, cream: these are all tones that on their own or combined with stronger and bolder colours, give elegance and originality to an interior. Neutral colours transmit harmony and balance. Grey, again, in particular, will be confirmed as one of the most appreciated and utilised Viero Paints 2021 design colours for walls thanks to its neutral and elegant character. Powder pink, green and chocolate brown all work perfectly together.

Made in Italy design wall colours: Viero Paints 2021 trends Viero Paints – marmorin


Among the Viero Paints 2021 trends figures also golden yellow infused with orange, a tonality that can grant a touch of colour to the environment. Cerulean blue, the colour of the sky. Rust, which, inspired by autumn leaves, brings liveliness and brilliance to the home. And also coral, a classic of the fine weather season for the walls of your home.

Made in Italy design wall colours: Viero Paints 2021 trends Viero Paints – Redox_Lithos Matt

Viero Paints offers a wide range of products and decorative solutions to choose from. By visiting, you can find inspiration to create your own trendy, captivating and unique interior environment.