26 Agosto 2020

Marmorino or Venetian Plaster? A guide to Made in Italy design

The furnishing of an interior reveals the very essence of a home. Any interior decoration has to be carefully and meticulously studied. Because of their size, walls are certainly the most eye-catching feature of any interior and it is precisely for this reason that furnishing designs start with the finishes on the walls. The Viero Paints Made in Italy finishes add character to your home, taking inspiration from contemporary trends.

Made in Italy Design: Marmorino Plaster

The origin of Marmorino lies in the distant past. In recent years, this finish has come noticeably back into fashion. It is a special plaster that is able to create atmospheric displays of light-and-shade effect and adds a semblance of marble to your walls. Made in Italy Marmorino of the Viero Paints brand is made with mineral products based on pure lime putty and marble dust.

Marmorino produced by Viero Paints with Marmorin adds a special kind of transparency and an elegant light-and-shade effect. It is a true classic decoration, inspired by the fineness of the marble and created with Marmorino lime plaster.

Viero Paints Marmorino achieved with Marmorin Extra is inspired by marble. This particular finish using Marmorin Extra, makes tiny craters and creates a textured look, with translucent smooth surfaces and exposed grain.

marmorin extra
marmorin extra

Viero Paints Marmorino made with Marmorin Hydro enhances walls with an opaque and compact effect that is both elegant and sophisticated. Created with Marmorin Hydro, if combined with the protective Aqua Base and Aqua Protection cycle, this can also be applied to walls in wet areas.

Marmorino made with Marmorin Sand adorns walls with sober elegance. The aesthetic effect is smooth and translucent, perfect for creating a feeling of harmony, where classical and modern live happily together.

marmorin sand
marmorin sand

Made in Italy Design: Venetian Plaster

Stucco Veneziano is an especially refined type of finish. It is a mixture of lime putty, mineral carbonates and marble powder: it enhances luminosity in interiors, creates a special relief effect, has breathable properties and is resistant to mould and bacteria.

Stucco Veneziano made with Mithos Lux by Viero Paints belongs to the family of classic Venetian plasters. It is a trowel effect made with a lime-based solution called Mithos Lux, based on tradition. The result is a bright, marbled-effect finish, which looks three-dimensional.

Viero Paints Stucco Veneziano made with Lithos adds a characteristic marbled effect. This is a finish made with a special acrylic solution, Lithos, which results in an aesthetically compact, smooth and reflective effect.

Viero Paints Stucco Veneziano offers a huge range of colours: these extend from the most soft and muted shades, obtained with Mithos Lux, to more vivid colour choices, obtained with Lithos. These allow the finish to adapt to a variety of furnishing styles. Viero Paints Stucco Veneziano in the Made in Italy design is decoration of unique charm, the perfect way to create original and exquisite interiors.

Stucco Veneziano: creating stylish finishes with Venetian plaster
Stucco Veneziano realizzato con Mithos Lux – Viero Paints