31 Luglio 2020

Stucco Veneziano: creating stylish finishes with Venetian plaster

The line of Made in Italy decorative effects and products by Viero Paints is their answer to the need of marrying style and comfort within a home: an environment that is aesthetically pleasing also becomes a attractive place to live in. Viero Paints finishes extend well beyond the material concept of walls, creating a genuine lifestyle. Stucco Veneziano is a beautiful Venetian plaster effect created by Viero Paints.

Stucco Veneziano: origin and features

A Venetian stucco plaster finish for very elegant and artistic interiors. It is a mixture of lime putty, mineral carbonates and marble powder. Used as a wall covering in elegant Venetian palazzi (its current name derives, in fact, from the Republic of Venice), Stucco Veneziano is of aesthetic as well as practical value. Created through a process of layering by spatula, so that the marble dust penetrates the lime, Stucco Veneziano has a strong sheen, enhances luminosity in interiors and creates a special effect of relief on smooth walls. And that is not all. Stucco Veneziano has excellent breathable properties and is resistant to mould and bacteria.

Stucco Veneziano: creating stylish finishes with Venetian plaster
Viero Paints

An ancient finish with modern charm

Stucco Veneziano is a particularly elegant type of finish, ancient but with modern charm. Stucco Veneziano made with Mithos Lux by Viero Paints belongs to the family of classic Venetian plasters. It is a trowel effect made with a lime-based solution called Mithos Lux, which is inspired by tradition. The result is a shiny finish with marbled effect, which looks naturally three-dimensional and is highly aesthetic.

Viero Paints Stucco Veneziano made with Lithos displays a characteristic marbled effect. It is a finish created by a special acrylic solution, Lithos, which results in a very compact, smooth and reflective aesthetic effect.

The range of colours offered by Viero Paints Stucco Veneziano is very broad. It starts with the muted and pastel shades that can be achieved with Mithos Lux, and extends to the most vivid or deep colour choices that can be achieved with Lithos. This allows the finish to adapt to a variety of furnishing styles. Viero Paints Stucco Veneziano is therefore a decoration with a millenary history and yet has a strong affinity with modern aesthetic trends: a wall decoration that is smooth, shining and with trowel effect, providing style and charm to interiors, an ideal choice for anyone dreaming of an environment that is  unique, original and elegant—all at the same time.

Stucco Veneziano: creating stylish finishes with Venetian plaster
Stucco veneziano Lithos