15 Settembre 2020

Walls in Damask Made in Italy: ideas and tips

Viero Paints Made in Italy Damascato adds character to your home, taking its inspiration from the precious Syrian fabric used typically for furnishings as covers for cushions, chairs and sofas. The damask effect brings character and special elegance to any interior.

Made in Italy Damask: timeless elegance

Damask is a type of fabric that was originally created using stylised or floral designs. It is a typical Syrian product (hence its name Damask, taken from the capital Damascus), which is used to create a special effect in furnishings such as covers for cushions, chairs and sofas. This is a fabric that is both matte and glossy due to the special weaving of its threads.

Damask can now be reproduced in paint. Through the use of specific materials, it is possible to simulate the designs and effect of damask fabric on walls, providing decoration that adds value to an interior, setting off its furnishings. Considering their origin and tone-on-tone mood, walls in Viero Paints Made in Italy Damascato marry perfectly with classic furnishing. The damask effect made by Viero Paints can create a restricting visual effect on rooms, so a decision to use it needs to be thoroughly assessed. The effect of Viero Paints Made in Italy Damascato can also be used in more modern contexts, thus creating interesting contrasts with the rest of the furnishings.

Viero Paints Damascato made with Allure

Viero Paints Damascato made with Allure offers an aesthetically rich and recherché effect that takes its inspiration from damask fabrics. The gentle alternating of glossy and smooth with matte and textured surfaces plays a fundamental role here. The Allure paint application is enriched by glints of precious gold and silver pigments that cause fascinating plays of light and special surfaces with a metallic appearance. Ideal for lightening the scene in exclusive and elegant interiors, Allure enables many decorative solutions in relation to application tools and technique.


Viero Paints Damascato made with Ghibli

Viero Paints Damascato made with Ghibli is a decorative effect based on damask fabric, where the design is highlighted by the gloss contrast between the background and the surface, between rough and smooth areas. The natural quartz sands in Ghibli paint provides a harmonious textured appearance to the application, enhancing the surfaces with gentle movements that bring to mind dunes in the desert or on beaches. Ghibli is a decorative paint for interiors, which adds very valuable aesthetic effects through the use of selected sands and special application techniques.

Viero Paints Damascato made with Ghibli
Viero Paints Damascato made with Ghibli

Antonella Mangiaracina