20 Luglio 2020

When Made in Italy finishes are also interior decoration

Interior decoration is the very essence of a home. Good interior decoration will provide a specific and detailed design, starting with a choice of finishes for the walls. Playing with the special decorative effects created by Made in Italy finishes is an effective way of adding character to your home, taking inspiration from current trends.

When Made in Italy finishes are also interior decoration
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Italian finishes for a trendy home

Walls dictate the style of furnishing a room, ranging from classic to modern. Renovating the walls is the best and speediest way of giving a facelift to interiors. Decorating a wall does not only mean covering it with furnishing accessories, such as pictures or shelves, etc; sometimes it is just the choice of exclusive plaster and paint finishes that become the most distinguishing feature for the walls of your home.

Finishes for walls let you personalise an environment in line with tastes, trends, styles and personal needs, creating an appearance that heightens its beauty. Selecting the most suitable surface finish means creating an environment that is aesthetically enhanced, where you will feel truly at home.

When Made in Italy finishes are also interior decoration
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Viero Paints finishes for interiors: a lifestyle

The line of Made in Italy decorative effects and products by Viero Paints is the answer to everyone’s need to marry style and comfort in their home: a pleasing environment to look at becomes equally pleasing to live in. “Made in Italy” is a synonym for excellence and quality: Viero Paints finishes promote Italy’s cultural heritage and decorative tradition all over the world. The Viero brand brings to life a unique style of finish that goes well beyond the material concept of walls and instead creates a genuine lifestyle. These are the most eye-catching contributions to the interiors of your home, all created and signed by Viero Paints.

Granito Effect 

Fossili Effect 

Stucco Veneziano Effect 

Ossidato Rusten Effect 

Stone Effect 

Wood Effect 

Corduroy Effect 

Cenere Effect 

Craquelé Effect 

Damascato Effect 

Concrete Effect 

Seta Effect 

Flocculato Effect 

Chiaroscuri Effect